The Hunger Games fan-fiction part 1: Madge Undersee

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I finally finished my first fan-fiction piece! Hooray!
As I wrote in an earlier post, I decided to start out my fan-fiction pieces with The Hunger Games. I decided to do my first piece over Madge Undersee. Madge (for those of you who haven’t read the trilogy) is the daughter of the mayor in District 12. She is the person who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin in The Hunger Games (the movie changed it.)
I chose Madge because it was specifically noted in The Hunger Games that Madge was Katniss’s only friend, besides Gale, and at school they only sat with each other during lunch.

[A quick note about fan-fiction pieces: anyone who reads my fan-fiction should be aware that it is written for the sole purpose of creating new scenarios in the book worlds that I love to visit. It is written because I am an avid fan of the author’s work, and I want to see more into the lives of the characters in their novels.]

Read it, like it or hate it, but please give me feedback on what you think! Also, even though it’s fan-fiction, I sincerely ask that no one steals my written pieces. I will be writing more in the near future!

The Hunger Games fan-fiction part 1: Madge Undersee

Madge woke up terrified from her nightmare. As she gasped for air and clutched her comforter to her chest, she looked over at her alarm clock to see what time it was. It was only 2 a.m. Tiny beads of sweat trickled down her forehead and she hastily brushed them away with the back of her hand. With trembling fingers she pushed back her comforter and walked over to her bay windows. She pulled back the curtains and saw that it was raining heavily outside. Despite the steady rain, a full moon was exposed in the sky with barely any clouds surrounded by it. Madge opened the doors leading out onto her balcony and immediately got soaked. She quickly looked up, tried to shield her eyes from the raindrops that poured down quickly, and noticed that all of the gloomy black clouds were right above her house. It was almost as if it was only raining down on her, and not the rest of District 12. Madge felt more thunder growl toward her in the distance. Slowly, Madge turned around and stared at the space she called her bedroom. The Queen sized bed was set precisely in the middle of the room. The brand new, white and baby blue bed sheets and pillows shined brightly in the moonlight. On the right side of the bedroom was her vanity set in the corner and a full length mirror on the wall next to her closet door. On the left was her bedside table, the door leading out of her bedroom, and a tall dresser drawer with her t.v. on top in the back corner near the bay windows. Even though she was the richest teenager who lived in District 12, she didn’t have much. She didn’t want much, either. Finally, Madge closed the doors and shrugged out of her soaked nightgown. Madge walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top. She climbed into bed again, despite not being completely dried off. Water droplets fell down from her wet hair and trickled down her delicate arms as she reached to get her t.v. remote from her bedside table. Madge turned on the t.v. The only channel running at this time was the Panem news channel. She watched a recap of the District 12 Reaping that happened not even a full 24 hours ago. Madge’s heart began to race as she watched Katniss walk toward the stage after she volunteered to be a tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games. The recap showed more scenes from the Reaping. Effie Trinket in her dazzling outfit, standing out in the crowd of faded grays and blues, Peeta Mellark shaking hands with Katniss, and Katniss hugging her sister tightly. The recap faded and the symbol of Panem appeared on her t.v. screen. Madge turned off her t.v. and sighed deeply. She suddenly remembered what her nightmare was about.

Primrose Everdeen walks toward the stage looking frightened. Effie Trinket saying,

            “Oh, I believe I seemed to have read this slip of paper wrong. Oh my! District 12’s female tribute is actually Madge Undersee. Where are you, Madge?”

Primrose ran back to Katniss as Effie turns away from the crowd and looks for Madge. Someone standing behind Madge pushes her toward Effie. Trembling, Madge shakes Effie’s hand but then is immediately grabbed by several Peacekeepers. Trying to pull her inside the building to get on the train, Madge kicks, shrieks, and cries out loud, begging not to go to the Capitol.

Madge got out of bed again and paced back and forth. She frequently looked toward her bay windows as she paced. The rain was now a full-blown thunderstorm. Madge did little jumps in place every so often, grabbing fistfuls of hair and taking deep breaths. It was only a dream. A nightmare. It wasn’t real. It was not real. Madge thought to herself repeatedly. It was real for Katniss… And then Madge started to cry. Slumping to the ground, Madge curled into the fetal position and sobbed into her shaky hands. Her ribs hurt and she was getting a headache, but she continued to cry. Katniss was her friend, her only friend, and now she was just gone. The thought of Katniss not ever returning again made Madge cry even harder. The only time they ever really saw each other was during lunch at school, and they didn’t talk about their friendship. It was just a mutual understanding that they had a lot of things in common and they got along well. Now Madge wished she would have told Katniss that she was her best friend. Even if they hardly spent time together outside of school, she always looked forward to having lunch with the one girl who didn’t try sucking up to her or trying to be “buddy buddy” with her because she was the Mayor’s daughter. Eventually, Madge got up from the floor and wiped her tears away. Madge walked over to the mirror and stared at her dark reflection. A sudden jolt of lightening lit up almost her entire bedroom, and when she looked in the mirror again she only saw weakness. Katniss, the girl she considered her best friend, showed no emotion when she got up on stage and faced the crowd of District 12, knowing that she was about to leave to her death. And here was Madge, fearful and shaky from just another nightmare of being picked in the Reaping. (919 words)