A Tribute to My Father


I will make this a short post, but one that I felt compelled to write. My father, Kevin Kyle, died on June 6, 2015. I want to make this post a tribute to him because he was the one who gave me my inspiration to read and to become a writer. He was a reader and writer too. His favorite author was Edgar Rice Burroughs, and he fantasized all of the time about being Tarzan and living in the jungle- wild and free. He has written some poems, and he even mentioned that he wrote a book, although it was not in the works of being edited and published. My dad was my #1 supporter and fan of my writing, and he always knew what to say to get my spirit up when I started to doubt my writing.

I cannot express to you all how much I miss my dad. My heart hurts so damn much. However, it is a privilege to have had that bond with him through books and writing, and I will forever have him in my mind and in my heart when I write a poem, write a short story, or read a book. One of my reading goals for the year 2015 is to read some books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, as well as Clive Cussler and Michael Crichton (two other favorites of his).

I love you, daddy. I miss you everyday.


(I took that photo at his 50th birthday party. My husband and I bought him that book and it was so heartwarming to see him light up with eagerness to read it.)


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